Professionalisation in Europe arises from the need to develop in our young people a qualitative transition from education to the world of work, promoting the vocations of the territory and, at the same time, responding to the needs and demands of economic development by tourism operators in the implementation of active policies that respond to the need for internationalisation at all commercial levels. In our internationalisation strategy it is of fundamental importance, therefore, to guarantee students the opportunity to acquire key and soft skills that will help them in finding a job in the European market, promoting the acquisition and the development of transversal and cross-cultural skills, useful for being able to manage correct commercial relationships with very different cultures. The ITS has, therefore, among its priority objectives, that of promoting international cooperation, the mobility of students and teachers among similar European institutions in order to strengthen the quality and increase the European dimension of higher education with internships abroad, transnational mobility and detailed studies of foreign languages, in order to actively participate to the improvement of European integration and the creation of a European labor market.Our ITS is born and operates in the Tourism, Cultural assets and activities area, one of the most significant sectors for the Italian economy, but also one of the sectors that needs more attention and innovation for the implementation of development strategies that could have positive and lasting effects also in terms of image on international markets. With these goals, the ITS Foundation has, immediately, started relationships with various European nations, signed a Framework Agreement of Cooperation for Academic and Institutional activity of Research, Training and Development with: – Consorcio Escuela de Formación de Artesanos de Gelves; – Zespol, Szkol, Technicznyck I Ogolnoksztalcacych; – Empresarial Consulting Unipessoal, Lda-Informacao from Empresa; – Fachakademie DEHOGA; – Academia de Studii Economice din Bucureşti (University of Economic Studies of Bucharest); – NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences; – The Turkish Government, Policies of the Department of Education, Center for Education in Trade and Tourism. Furthermore, our ITS is Hosco’s Partner School, the leading international platform for Networking and Recruitment in hospitality and restaurant business. We have recently participated in the Conference promoted by “Chain 5” becoming part of a new community of associations, networks and organizations of Institutions, companies, students, experts, researchers, consultants for the development of level V of the EQF. The ITS is also a partner of the “Network of European roads of Emperor Charles V” in the cultural itinerary of the Council of Europe “The roads of Charles V as a driving force for the development of European identity”. We have joined the Digital Skills and Job Coalition, one of the ten initiatives proposed by the European Commission in the framework of the Agenda for new skills for the EU. ITS is also part of informal networks of relationships with many national and international chains, managers and owners of structures belonging to supra-regional networks, which have shown interest in hosting students in internship experiences. Our partners are generally chosen following criteria such as (by taking into account the following criteria): – EQF level correspondence; – Link with industry and the entrepreneurial context; – Correspondence in courses or subjects of study / sectors of activity and competence (for example, Tourism sections in Chambers of Commerce, international networks that promote different types of tourism); – Experience in managing international projects concerning mobility and placement.At this time, our main objectives are: a) promote mobility opportunities to strengthen the skills and personal and professional skills of our students to improve their chances of access to the labor market by recognizing the educational activities followed in the institute and / or carried out at institutions recognized in other countries; b) to promote and support training and scientific research; c) develop training projects with foreign partners by designing and implementing educational activities in common; d) facilitate the participation of students in European programs and international networks and associations; e) activate cooperation with companies in other countries also for research projects and sharing of good practices. Our ITS has signed an agreement for the recognition of the ITS two-year training period in terms of approximately 120 European Credits with the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences based in Leeuwarden, equal to about two years in Tourism Management and International Hotel Management Bachelor’s programs. A similar agreement is planned with the Artevelde University College Ghent in Belgium.